Starting to blog

My first post is really about it being my first post. You have to start somewhere and this is where I will start. I want to blog so that I can have a concrete (alright, electronic) place for my thoughts. Before this I would just have them in my head or share them with my wife, daughter, or friends, but that is where they would end. Now I will have a place to keep them that will not forget them. I will not make the argument right now whether they are worth remembering or not. Some will be and others will not. Either way, they will be here, for me and whomever else wants to read them.

One thought on “Starting to blog

  1. They are worth remembering! 5 years from now you’ll be glad you wrote some of this down. (I’m quite grateful for almost 13 years of journalling almost daily — it’s helped me countless times personally and professionally.)

    Hope you stick with it, dear — I’ll be reading and commenting when I can!

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